In April, APX will be spotlighting sustainability across its channels. Visual by Helene Kuhn.

For the entire month of April, APX will dedicate its social media channels to showcase and spotlight sustainability through our network.

Every year on April 22, Earth Day serves as a significant anniversary of the modern environmental movement. More than ever, it also serves as a reminder to all of…

On our vision for APX, the journey from accelerator to Long-Term Venture Partner, and the goal to support even more of the best startups from Europe and beyond.

At APX, our dream is systemically investing in the best founder teams.

We launched APX in 2018 as a tailor-made accelerator program succeeding the Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator (AS PnP), which from 2013 to 2017 was the first investor in more than 100 startups, including fintech unicorn N26…

How can you put, keep, and lead your company on the venture capital growth path? Should you (more on this later)?

There are lots of questions around early-stage venture capital. Here are some thoughts of Tilman and me on how very early stage valuation works.

The Path by Lilliana Lee Chung

Some preconditions for this to work:

Your company can be a venture capital case.

What makes a startup a venture case? Good question — people have written entire books on this. In a nutshell…

Great you are here. This is my new website. It’s actually an aggregation of most of the things I post online. It’s automatic. And the best thing is: it was created by one of my sons as a gift. How cool is this?

Please enjoy!

Cheers, Joerg

This is my speech at HHL Handelshochschule Leipzig. Since I gave it in German and the translator asked for a transcript I have written it down. I have published it on my blog already some days ago but I want to share it here as well.

Festrede HHL

25. August…

Joerg Rheinboldt

serial starter, Axel Springer Porsche MD, Bahlsen Board, co-founder, Berliner Stadtmission, tech enthusiast.

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