The paths and the goals

Joerg Rheinboldt
2 min readJul 25, 2018
Anne talking and creating.

Yesterday we had the second founder confessions session here at APX. Anne Kjaer Riechert talked with the audience and Corinne and Robert about ReDI School. While Anne was in discussion with us she did one of her favourite things to relax: Ikebana. There were lots of learnings shared and discussed but the one I was and am thinking about most were some comments from Anne and one guest from South Korea: About the path to do something and the result you want to get at the end. A lot of times and especially in high performance environments the result is valued a lot higher than the way you achieve it. Or to put it in other words: the result is what counts and the way you get there does not matter that much.

Very often we mainly focus on the result or the outcome while there is also a lot to be gained for the team and organisation from the path you take to get there. For us as a team at APX this means that we can and will discuss both dimensions when we talk about what we want to achieve.

I am convinced that excellency or brilliance has to be in both when you want to build a sustainable great organisation.